Temperature Stabilized Band 8 TC-SAW Duplexer

The Qorvo QPQ6108 temperature compensated, Band 8, SAW duplexer performs from -20 to 95 degrees C

RFMW announces design and sales support for a Band 8 duplex filter. Temperature compensated SAW filter technology allows the Qorvo QPQ6108 duplexer to deliver superior temperature stabilized performance over a range of -20 to 95 degrees C. Ideal for small cell base stations, the duplexer is offered in a small, 2.5 x 2 mm package capable of handling 29 dBm of downlink power (925 – 960 MHz). Uplink (880 – 915 MHz) insertion loss is 3.2 dB with up to 50 dB isolation. Matched to 50 ohms, the QPQ6108 has a single input and single output with no external matching required.

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