Surface Mount Bias-Tee Spans 26 GHz

The Marki Microwave BTL-0026SMG-2 bias-tee operates resonance-free from 500 kHz to 26 GHz.

RFMW announces design and sales support for surface mount bias-tees from Marki Microwave. The BTL-0026SMG-2 bias-tee uses a proprietary wire-wound coil for ultra-broadband, resonance-free operation from 500 kHz to 26 GHz. Lower frequency operation down to 5 kHz is possible with an external coil. Optional bypass capacitors can be added near the DC input port to filter noise on the DC line. With 1 Watt power handling, common BTL-0026SMG-2 applications include amplifier biasing, diode biasing and DC level shifting. Available in a compact .150” x .220” package.

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