Qorvo 75 Ohm Push Pull Amplifier

The Qorvo QPA4425 75-ohm Push Pull amplifier provides 25 dB of flat gain DOCSIS 3.1 designs from 47 to 1218 MHz.

RFMW announces design and sales support for a GaAs pHEMT/MESFET 75-ohm Push Pull amplifier. The Qorvo QPA4425 provides 25 dB of flat gain and low noise of 4.5 dB for DOCSIS 3.1 amplifiers and broadband CATV hybrid modules from 47 to 1218 MHz. Using a single 24V supply, the QPA4425 offers low noise and low distortion at high efficiency, consuming only 7 Watts of DC power in a compact 5 x 7 QFN package. With CSO of -78 dBc and CTB of -75 dBc, this amplifier provides 47 dBmV/ch.

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