General Purpose RF Driver Devices offer Longevity

General Purpose RF Driver Devices offer Longevity

In the RF component supply chain world, some particular devices develop a very broad-based customer support network and high-volume usage. They tend to remain in production for a very long time, without the need for any longevity support programs. These are typically general-purpose driver devices from well-established RF power transistor suppliers designed into a wide variety of RF applications. They do not depend on any customer or end-use application to support their volumes, and once the parts reach broad, universal acceptance across the entire RF industry, engineers tend to design these well-known drivers into even newer product designs.

Ampleon Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board Courtesy of Ampleon

With very predictable RF performance, these general-purpose driver transistors are a known entity, with a stable and reliable supply chain, with no surprises down the road. From the OEM manufacturing point of view, so long as the particular components run in reasonable volumes on existing and stable manufacturing lines, then typically they see no need to end of life these industry-wide, popular devices.


AFM907NT1 Courtesy of NXP

Even if there are wafer fabrication site moves or consolidations, with a stable, large customer base, the OEM will choose to move the general-purpose device to the newer processes or new Fab to keep the broad base of customers happy.

The following list shows some of these stable, tried, and true devices expected to achieve natural longevity through their extensive, multiple customer market bases.

Should the RFMW sales team be asked to give driver recommendations, they are likely to select preferred, even recommended general-purpose driver devices. If you need more information or if you want verification of your selections, please reach out to the RFMW technical support team at any time. They are here to help you with all things technical.

Key Universal Driver Attributes:

  • Very broadband
  • Relatively low power
  • Very good cost-effective solutions
  • Highly linear

Past Examples:

  • MMG3014 5V, 25 dBm, 40 MHz to 4000 MHz, GaAs MMIC
  • AFT27S006N 28V, 6W, 10 MHz to 3600 MHz, LDMOS
  • MW7IC008N 28V, 8W, 100 MHz to 1000 MHz, LDMOS
  • AFT27S010N 28V, 10W, 10 MHz to 3600 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP10H605 50V, 5W, 1 MHz to 1400 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP10H610 50V, 10W, 1 MHz to 1400 MHz, LDMOS

Recommend Examples for New Designs:

  • MMG38151B 5V, 13 dBm, 1 MHz to 6000 MHz, InGaP HBT MMIC
  • MMG3H21N 5V, 21 dBm, 1 MHz to 6000 MHz, GaAs MMIC
  • A5G35S004N 50V, 4W DC to 6000 MHz, GaN
  • AFIC901N 7-12.5V, 4W, 1.8 MHz to 941 MHz, LDMOS
  • AFM906N7-12.5V, 6W, 1.8 MHz to 941 MHz, LDMOS
  • AFM907N 7-12.5V, 7W, 1.8 MHz to 941 MHz, LDMOS
  • MRFE6VS25N/L 28V, 10W, 10 MHz to 3600 MHz, LDMOS
  • AFIC31025N 32V, 25W, 2400 MHz to 3100 MHz, LDMOS
  • MRFX035H 65V, 35W, 1.8 MHz to 512 MHz, LDMOS
  • A3T09S100N 28V, 100W, 10 MHz to 3600 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP35M805 32V, 5W, 1 MHz to 3500 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP27H810 32V, 10W, 1 MHz to 2700 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP15H9S10 50V, 10W, 1 MHz to 2000 MHz, LDMOS
  • AFT35FE 50V, 23W, 32V, 9W, 1 MHz to 650 MHz LDMOS
  • BLP15M930 32V, 30W, 1 MHz to 200 MHz, LDMOS
  • BLP15H930 50V, 30W, 1 MHz to 200 MHz, LDMOS

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