Marki Microwave Limiter Selected for Expert Product Pick

Marki Microwave Limiter Selected for Expert Product Pick

1. What made you select Marki Microwave’s HLM-40PSM as a product to feature?

Marki Microwave’s HLM-40PSM broadband signal limiter is an impressive limiter for its broadband (DC-40GHz) performance in an SMT package.

2. What are the key features and specifications of the HLM-4-PSM?

The HLM-40PSM has a power handling of 2.5W CW and 9.5W pulsed, with a typical insertion loss value of only 0.5 dB. Input IP3 is excellent at 30 dBm at 20 GHz.

3. What are common markets and applications of Marki Microwave’s HLM-40PSM?

The HLM-40PSM’s high-power handling makes it ideal for the protection of sensitive receivers and for applications requiring high linearity.

Marki Microwave HLM_40PSM Surface Mount Limiter

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