RFMW Expert Product Pick: Ampleon ART2K0

Ampleon ART2K0 Product Pick

1. What made you select the Ampleon ART2K0 as a product to feature?

As the highest power, 2 Kilowatt flagship of Ampleon’s Advanced Rugged Technology series, the ART2K0 is ideal for many high-power industrial and broadcast designs for its ruggedness. These devices are the “Flux Capacitors” of the RF Power World!

2. What are the key features and specifications of the ART2K0?

Tested to 65:1 VSWR, Ampleon’s ART2K0 is suitable for rugged applications and can deliver up to 2KW of RF Power from HF to UHF.

3. What are the common markets and applications of the Ampleon ART2K0?

The ART2K0 is an ideal solution for all high-power RF from HF to UHF. Popular applications include industrial lasers and plasma generators. Additionally, the ART2K0 is a cost-effective, high power RF solution for HF communications amplifiers, FM radio broadcast, digital audio broadcast (DAB), and VHF television (DVB-T) transmitters. With a relatively low output capacitance, the ART2K0 also supports use in low UHF ranges for particle accelerator amplifiers.

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