GaN LNAs from RFMW cover 2 to 12GHz

TriQuint TGA2611-SM and TGA2612-SM GaN LNAs cover 2 to 12GHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a pair of GaN low noise amplifiers targeted at military and commercial radar applications as well as SatCom, point-to-point radio and WiMax applications. The TriQuint TGA2611-SM covers 2 to 6GHz while the TGA2612-SM stretches from 6 to 12GHz. Both LNAs operate from a 10V bias drawing 100mA of current and both the TGA2611-SM and TGA2612-SM come in 4x4mm, plastic overmold QFN packages.

The TGA2611-SM (2-6GHz) offers 1dB noise figure with small signal gain of >22dB. Third order intercept (OTOI) is 30dBm. TriQuint’s TGA2612-SM (6-12GHz) is specified at 2dB noise figure with 22dB of gain. Additional information for these devices is available on the RFMW website.

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