Dual Amplifier Serves 75 Ohm CATV

The TAT7472A1F Dual Amplifier from TriQuint (Qorvo) Serves 50 to 1218MHz, 75 Ohm CATV appsRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the TAT7472A1F from TriQuint (Qorvo). The TAT7472A1F is the next generation replacement for the popular AH22 that has served CATV designs for many years. With a bandwidth of 50 to 1218MHz, the TAT7472A1F increases the frequency coverage to support newer designs. The two individual, internal gain blocks are optimized for linear, 75 ohm CATV applications such as RF distortion amplifiers and MDU output stages in line extenders and distribution nodes. Noise figure is <3dB. Associated gain is 15dB. The TAT7472A1F provides a high peak to average ratio for QAM networks with low power consumption from a 5 or 6V supply.

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