1600MHz Passive Splitter Joins Low-Cost CATV Devices from MiniRF

MiniRF 5-1600MHz RF splitter MRFSP6725 for Broadband CATVRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the MRFSP6725, 2-way splitter from MiniRF. The MRFSP6725 extends the frequency range of this popular series of splitters to 1600MHz. Two other MiniRF devices, the MRFSP0014 with coverage from 5 to 1002MHz and the MRFSP5725 with coverage from 5 to 1200MHz have already seen acceptance in the broadband CATV market. As CATV frequency coverage requirements increase, the MRFSP6725 provides a low-cost, highly reliable solution. Typical isolation is 25dB and associated insertion loss is 0.7dB. Rated at a maximum power handling of 2 watts, the MRFSP6725 is packaged in a castellated, surface mount board measuring 0.15×0.15×0.115”. Lead free and RoHS compliant, the MIniRF MRFSP6725 is characterized for 75 ohm environments.

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