RFMW Supports SMA Terminations to 26GHz

P1dB's P1TR-SAM family of SMA terminations spans 26GHz. RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for SMA terminations from P1dB. The P1TR-SAM family offers three variations. Each can handle up to 2W of power, acceptable for most test and measurement applications. The P1TR-SAM-26G2W supports requirements up to 26GHz while the P1TR-SAM-18G2W covers 18GHz set ups and the P1TR-SAM-6G2W provides performance to 6GHz. Each of the three terminations have stainless steel bodies and coupling nuts for durability and long life. Typically available with stock delivery, the P1dB terminations are ideal for cost conscious production environments.

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