RFMW Gooseneck Assembly allows for Flexible Antenna Mounting

Southwest Antennas model 1040-027 gooseneck assembly for MIMO radiosRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a 12 inch, coaxial Gooseneck  assembly allowing omni-directional antennas to be mounted in different positions with respect to adjacent antennas. This is particularly useful for MIMO radio setups and dismounted user applications for body worn antennas used by first responders. Additional applications include precision surveying, asset tracking, unmanned ground vehicles and ad hoc mesh networks. The Southwest Antennas model 1040-027 gooseneck assembly  is waterproof to a depth of 20 meters and can bend and hold past a 180 degree angle. One end of the assembly is a Type-N male connector and the other is SMA male. The 1040-027 rugged design measures 0.47” in diameter. Compatible with antennas operating up to 8GHz, the 1040-027 can handle up to 50 watts of RF energy. Midband insertion loss is 1dB. Southwest Antennas offers a flat black, low visibility finish on the assembly with black chrome finished connectors.

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