Flexible Armored Cable Assemblies from RFMW

Rosenberger’s armored cable assembly R71-32+S132+S1-00457 with performance to 36GHz. SMA+ connectors.RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Rosenberger Rmor™ style cable assemblies. Designed for rugged environments and outdoor usage, Rosenberger’s R71-32+S132+S1-00457 shielded coaxial cable is protected with flexible, SPIRAL-wound 304 Stainless Steel armor, coated with extruded Polyurethane. The connector ends are sealed and encapsulated with a pressure injection-molded polymer strain relief. This combination of Rosenberger materials and technology provides superior ruggedization, environmental resistance, RF shielding effectiveness and stability under flexure and vibration. The R71-32+S132+S1-00457 is 18 inches in length and operates to 36GHz with Rosenberger’s SMA+ connectors compatible with standard SMA, 3.5mm and 2.92mm connectors. Return loss is a minimum of 18dB while insertion loss is only 0.75dB/ft. Crush resistance is specified at 450 lb/In. Rosenberger offers additional connector types mounted on the Rmor™ cable including 2.92 mm/K, 3.5, Precision N, SMA and 2.4 mm.

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