Modern Co-Site RF Interference Issues and Mitigation Techniques

Southwest Antenna White Paper: Modern Co-Site RF Interference Issues and Mitigation TechniquesRFMW, Ltd. announces a general educational White Paper from Southwest Antennas for business professionals and technical staff titled “Modern Co-Site RF Interference Issues and Mitigation Techniques”. RF co-site interference has become a major issue with the proliferation of antennas, particularly in dense urban areas. This paper offers a practical perspective for those using or specifying new RF wireless systems about what RF co-site interference is, where it comes from, and some of the most common techniques and tools that are available in today’s market to solve these RF co-site interference problems. As their franchised distributor, RFMW supports specification and selection of Southwest Antennas products for a multitude of applications.

About the Author
John Hamilton has over 40 years of experience in RF and Microwave technology, applications, technical support and marketing. He is the Vice President of Marketing at RFMW, holds multiple degrees and has a background in Test & Measurement.

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