High Isolation SPnT Switches from RFMW span 6GHz

High isolation switches from Qorvo include the QPC6034 SP3T QPC6044 SP4T QPC6054 SP5T and QPC6064 SP6TRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a series of high isolation switches from Qorvo. Starting with the QPC6034 SP3T, the series includes QPC6044 SP4T, QPC6054 SP5T and QPC6064 SP6T. All switches are absorptive and cover the frequency range of 5 to 6000MHz. No RF blocking caps are necessary to integrate these switches into a design.  SOI (Silicon on Insulator) enables port-to-port isolation as high as 60dB. All 4 switches are offered in 4x4mm QFN packages and use a Vcc from 3 to 5V.

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John Hamilton has over 40 years of experience in RF and Microwave technology, applications, technical support and marketing. He is the Vice President of Marketing at RFMW, holds multiple degrees and has a background in Test & Measurement.

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