High Power 900MHz ISM FEM from RFMW

Skyworks SKY66105 FEM offers 30dBm for 902 to 931MHz ISMRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Skyworks Solutions SKY66105-11 Front End Module (FEM). The SKY66105-11 offers high output power (30dBm) for 902 to 931MHz, ISM band transmit applications such as smart metering for water, gas and electric. With integrated harmonic filters and a DPDT switch for diversity antennas, this FEM also incorporates on-board matching and integrated shielding thereby reducing required board space and easing design. Supply operation is flexible from 2.0 to 4.8V. Turn-on/turn-off time is 1-2 micro seconds. This Skyworks FEM is housed in a 8x6mm module with exposed ground paddle and surrounding shielding.

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