Concealment Antenna offers Quad-Band Coverage from RFMW

Southwest Antennas model 1066 014 concealment antenna offers quad band 4G LTE cellular coverage for global useRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for omni-directional concealment antenna products specifically for use in covert surveillance or other applications where an antenna needs to be hidden from view or disguised to not draw attention. Southwest Antennas’ model 1066-014 offers quad-band, 4G, LTE cellular coverage for global use. This antenna offers superior, 360 degree horizontal beamwidth and 76 degree low-band vertical beamwidth (46 degree high-band vertical beamwidth) when properly mounted. Pre-assembled with a 12 inch RG-316 cable, gain is 2.2dB in either low-band (698 to 960MHz) or high-band (1710 to 3000MHz). When used with a radio having multiple antenna ports, two concealment antennas can be utilized for better diversity. Measuring 4.7 inches in length, the 1066-014 can handle 1W RF input power.

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