RFMW Offers 95dB Digital Step Attenuator with USB Control

Telemakus TEA6000 95 USB controlled Digital Step Attenuator offers programmable attenuation range of 0 to 95dB in half dB steps from 100 to 6000 MHz RFMW , Ltd. announces application and sales support for the Telemakus TEA6000-95 USB controlled, solid state, RF attenuator. This laboratory quality, Digital Step Attenuator (DSA) offers programmable attenuation range of 0 to 95dB in 0.5dB increments (steps). The TEA6000-95 operates from 0.1 to 6GHz making it ideal for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for WiMAX, LTE, WiFi, and 3G/4G Fading Simulators and 5G Beam Forming in engineering and production Test Lab environments. The DSA is uniquely addressable allowing systems needing multiple channels to be built and controlled from a single Windows or Linux computer. Internal circuits reduce the effect of glitches during large transitions in attenuation value. The attenuator is housed in an aluminum case with two female SMA connectors on the same face. This allows the attenuator to be panel mounted without the need for coax cables. Control and power is via a micro USB connector. Installation files are supplied on a mini-CD. At 2.5×2.5×0.5 inches, this is the smallest 95dB range attenuator available. When coupled with other Telemakus USB controlled devices, complex text functions are achievable.

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