Ultra Low Noise, 2-Stage Bypass LNA for Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Qorvo QPL9065 Ultra Low Noise two Stage Bypass LNA with a 0.5dB noise figure and Operational bandwidth of 450 to 3800MHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Qorvo QPL9065 LNA. This ultra-low noise amplifier is specified with a 0.5dB noise figure at 1.95GHz. Designed with two amplification stages and internal, 2nd stage bypass switch, gain is selectable at 17.5dB or 37.5dB. Operational bandwidth is 450 to 3800MHz. DC power comes from a single positive supply of 3.3 to 5V and control is via 1.8V CMOS TTL logic without external circuitry. Applications include Tower Mounted Amplifiers, base station receivers and repeaters. The QPL9065 is offered in a 3.5×3.5mm package.

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