Field Replaceable SMA Connectors to 27GHz

P1dB offers P1CO-SAF2-FE018-27G 2-hole, panel mount SMA connector to 27GHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for 27GHz, field replaceable connectors from P1dB, Inc. The P1CO-SAF2-FE018-27G is a 2-hole, panel mount SMA connector capable of accepting an 18 mil pin on the backside interface. It comes equipped with an EMI gasket that minimizes RF leakage when attached to a suitable housing. Field replaceable connectors are used when there is potential for connector damage to occur after an assembly has been deployed. A field replaceable connector mitigates the need to return an entire assembly for repair thereby saving time and money to make equipment operational. Beyond the P1CO-SAF2-FE018-27G, 2-hole, panel mount SMA connector, P1dB also offers a 4-hole version for larger applications or where additional strength is needed. The 4-hole version is part number P1CO-SAF4-FE018-27G. Both connectors have passivated stainless steel outer bodies and beryllium copper contacts. VSWR is a maximum of 1.22:1 at 27GHz.

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