RFMW stocks 100W Power Limiter with Adjustable Threshold

Peregrine PE45361 10MHz to 6GHz adjustable RF power limiter handles 100 wattsRFMW announces design and sales support for a 10 MHz to 6 GHz RF power limiter capable of handling 100 watts of pulsed input power. The pSemi PE45361 is a monolithic structure up to 8 times smaller than discrete, PIN-diode solutions and eliminates thermal hysteresis. The adjustable input, 1dB compression point (limiting threshold) is set from +7 to +13 dBm via a low current control voltage (VCTRL), eliminating the need for external bias components such as DC blocking capacitors, RF choke inductors and bias resistors. Fast response time of <1 ns ensures instantaneous protection of sensitive components and rapid return to normal operation. Highly flexible and highly linear, the PE45361 delivers simple, repeatable, and reliable receiver protection for demanding professional mobile/portable radios, T&M equipment and wireless infrastructure applications. Available in a 3 x 3 mm QFN package with improved (3 kV HBM) ESD ratings.

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