5G Amplifier offers Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

RFMW announces design and sales support for a wide bandwidth amplifier from Skyworks Solutions. The SKY66318-11 power amplifier offers 100MHz instantaneous bandwidths and high-efficiency for FDD and TDD 4G LTE and 5G systems to meet the growing demand for high data rate and low power consumption in massive MIMO systems. Covering 3300 to 3600 MHz (Bands N77 and N78), the SKY66318-11 provides 34 dB of gain with excellent linearity: +28 dBm with < -50 dBc ACLR with linearization (100 MHz 5G, 7.5 dB PAR signal). Operating from a single, 5V supply, active biasing circuitry is integrated to compensate PA performance over temperature, voltage, and process variations. Offered in a 5 x 5 mm package.

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John Hamilton has over 40 years of experience in RF and Microwave technology, applications, technical support and marketing. He is the Vice President of Marketing at RFMW, holds multiple degrees and has a background in Test & Measurement.

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