Low Phase Noise Frac-N Synthesizer enables Lower Cost VCOs

RFMW offers design and sales support for an ultra-fine frequency resolution synthesizer. The Skyworks SKY72310-11 fractional-N frequency synthesizer is a key building block for high-performance radio system designs requiring low power and fine step size with fast switching speed and low phase-noise performance. The ultra-fine step size of <100 Hz allows use in very narrowband wireless applications. With proper temperature sensing or through control channels, the synthesizer’s fine step size can compensate for crystal oscillator or intermediate frequency (IF) filter drift. As a result, crystal oscillators can replace TCXOs or OCXOs thereby reducing parts count and associated component cost. Reference oscillators up to 50 MHz may be used with the SKY72310-11. An internal phase detector can operate at 50 MHz allowing better phase noise. The lower in-band phase noise permits the use of lower cost VCOs in LMR applications.

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