Smiths Interconnect Attenuators with Increased Power Handling

RFMW announces design and sales support for Smiths Interconnect TS05XX Series chip attenuators with increased power handling. The TS05XX series attenuators have been requalified to higher power levels. The increased power handling capability is based on individual device attenuation values as follows: 0-1 dB attenuators are rated at 5 W, 2-3 dB rated at 2 W, 4-10 dB rated at 1 W and 11-20 dB rated at 0.75 Watts. This new rating allows the Smiths attenuators to be used in new applications where additional margin is required. For example, the TS0503F is a 3 dB attenuator operating to 18 GHz and capable of handling 2 Watts of RF input power. The TS05XX series attenuators are available in various, surface mount formats including planar, single wrap (W1), triple wrap (W3) and wire bondable gold (WB1).

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