mmWave Filters offer High Rejection

The Knowles (DLI) B385MD0S 38.5 GHz SMD bandpass filter with 3000 MHz pass band offers high rejection

RFMW announces availability of a portfolio of broadband SMD filters from Knowles (DLI). Comprised of ceramic substrate filters using patented materials which exhibit excellent temperature stability and high K factors, the portfolio combines these characteristics enabling small size with high performance. For example, the B385MD0S is a 38.5 GHz bandpass filter with 3000 MHz pass band. Measuring 6.985 x 2.032 mm, this surface mount filter offers 2.5 dB typical insertion loss with 40 dB out-of-band rejection. Catalog devices come complete with integrated shielding and the surface mount versions are designed for use on most RF PWB materials.

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