BPSK Wireless Data Modulator for Long-Range Datacom

The CML Microcircuits’ CMX7146, flexible data transmitter supports BPSK and PRK modulation up to 9600 baud


RFMW announces design and sales support for CML Microcircuits’ CMX7146, flexible data transmitter supporting BPSK and PRK modulation. Ideal for robust, long-range data communication, the CMX7146 is capable of 600/1200/2400/3600/4800/9600 bps data rates. With low power consumption, the modulator features a PA ramp DAC to control transmission bursts which can be synchronized as part of the transmit sequence and baseband IQ outputs for RF modulation. Control is via a C-BUS (SPI compatible) serial control interface. Applications include marine emergency and terrestrial disaster alert systems, metrological instruments, satellite communications and ocean data logging.

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