Dual-Channel FEM supports 39 GHz Phased Array 5G NR

The Qorvo QPF4005 dual channel mmWave front end module offers, multi-function (LNA, TR switch and PA) capability from 37 to 40.5 GHz.


RFMW announces design and sales support for a mmWave front end module from Qorvo. The QPF4005 offers dual channel, multi-function (LNA, TR switch and PA) capability in a single GaN MMIC operating from 37 to 40.5 GHz. The receive path (LNA+TR SW) provides 15 dB of gain and noise figure less than 4.5 dB. The transmit path (PA+SW) provides 18 dB of small signal gain with low EVM of 4% at 24 dBm average output power. Saturated output power is up to 2 Watt. Targeting 39 GHz phased array 5G NR base stations and terminals, the compact 4.5 x 6 mm air-cavity laminate, surface mount package with embedded copper heat slug employs a low thermal resistance die attach process making the QPF4005 ideal for phased array applications with tight lattice spacing and extreme temperature requirements.

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