RFMW High Power n78 Ceramic Filter

The Sangshin MBP86RC3550S500B ceramic filter for 3.5 GHz band, 5G deployments (n78) is rated to 15 Watts CW


RFMW announces design and sales support for high power ceramic filters from Sangshin. The Sangshin MBP86RC3550S500B is a small form factor ceramic filter for the n78 Band. With high power capability designed for peak-to-average power requirements of LTE signals, the filter supports 3.5 GHz band, 5G deployments (n78). C-band 5G is the most commonly tested and deployed 5G frequency, popular due to its global availability and the need for operators to identify large blocks of contiguous spectrum in order to operate wider channel widths. With low passband insertion loss (1 dB) and 0.5 dB ripple, the MBP86RC3550S500B is rated to 15 Watts CW making it suitable as a roofing filter for global deployments of 5G gnodeB base stations. Just 24 mm in length, it exhibits excellent rejection performance to 6 GHz. Customization of Sangshin filters includes pass band center frequency, band width and attenuation for a variety of applications.

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