RFMW Expert Product Pick: Sangshin Elecom’s MBP86RC3550S500B

1. What made you select the Sangshin Elecom MBP86RC3550S500B? How does this product differentiate from others/what value does it offer?

The small form factor and high-power capabilities of Sangshin Elecom’s MBP86RC3550S500B make it an ideal component for global deployments of 5G gnodeBs.

2. What are the key features/specifications of the MBP86RC3550S500B?

This monoblock ceramic filter features 15 Watts CW input power, 500 MHz passband with low insertion loss (1 dB), and a 0.5 dB ripple. Additionally, Sangshin filters can be designed for customer-specific applications including passband center frequency, bandwidth, and out-of-band attenuation.

3. What are common/typical markets and applications of the MBP86RC3550S500B?

The MBP86RC3550S500B is designed for peak-to-average power requirements of LTE signals, 3.5 GHz band, and is suitable as a roofing filter for global deployments of 5G gnodeB base stations.

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