5G Tool Kit Application Brief

5G Tool Kit Application Brief

With Fifth Generation communications frequencies now pushing the mid-band and higher frequency ranges, reliable system components are essential for the proper installation and testing of these advanced systems. Although RF engineers are accustomed to working with specialized and expensive test systems for mmWave in industries such as aerospace and military; this represents unexplored territory for the mass-market semiconductor industry. New commercial applications and industry verticals will exponentially increase the demand for 5G components and devices. The result is the need for suppliers to determine more efficient methods of manufacturing, along with quicker ways to calibrate RF paths and antenna configurations for new devices.

Validation and calibration in the test lab are critical steps in the development of new technologies. However, this presents a significant challenge for 5G, as measurement accuracy becomes increasingly difficult in the upper frequencies (commonly for mmWave frequencies 24, 28, 37, 39 and 47 GHz). To address the upcoming strain of 5G frequency operation and the need for increased measurement accuracy, Rosenberger has developed a 5G Tool Kit offering a suite of precision interconnect tools to assist in the critical design, development and qualification testing of these new cellular and data communications systems.

Rosenberger’s 5G Tool Kit includes precision adapters for repeatable, high-performance measurements, and phase-stable cable assemblies to help system designers achieve key performance criterion and test accuracy. Purchasing the kit presents cost savings in comparison to purchasing the adapters individually. Available in a 2.4 mm (50 GHz) or 1.85 mm (70 GHz) interface, each 5G Tool Kit contains two precision m-m adapters, four m-f adapters, and two f-f adapters. Additionally, the preassembled Rosenberger Kits contain a torque wrench and standard cable assembly. For customers and applications that require a more phase-stable cable assembly, RFMW offers APSK phase-stable cable assemblies in both matched and standard configurations.

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