NXP Launches a New Family of Discrete GaN Devices for 5G Massive MIMO

NXP recently launched a new portfolio of discrete Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors to expand 5G Massive MIMO coverage. The transistors enable easy deployment of 5G Massive MIMO in urban and suburban areas.

NXP’s proprietary RF GaN technology is manufactured in their new Chandler (Arizona) fab and available through RFMW, their specialist RF distributor. This launch provides a GaN portfolio covering the 5G cellular bands between 2.3 and 4.0GHz.

A key benefit is that NXP’s GaN technology has a low-memory effect designed to maximizse linearity and reduce Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) complexity.

The portfolio covers 48V driver stages, allowing a single amplifier supply voltage for the lineup. Engineers can design high-efficiency power amplifiers with optimum power consumption, size, and weight for easier deployment.


The portfolio covers both driver and final stage discrete GaN transistors suitable for 10 Watt 32T32R and 5 Watt 64T64R Massive MIMO antennas. Most transistors share the same DFN 7 x 6.5 package.

Antenna Orderable Part # Frequency Band Stage Package (mm)




(10 W)



A5G23H110NT4 2.3 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G26H110NT4 2.6 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G35H110NT4 3.5 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G35H120NT2 3.5 GHz Final DFN 7×10
A5G37H110NT4 >3.7 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G38H120NT2 >3.7 GHz Final DFN 7×10
A5G26S008NT6 2.6 GHz Driver DFN 7×6.5
A5G35S008NT6 2.6 GHz Driver DFN 4.5×4





(5 W)

A5G23H065NT4 2.3 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A3G26D055NT4 2.3 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G35H055NT4 3.5 GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G38H045NT4 >3.7GHz Final DFN 7×6.5
A5G26S004NT6 2.6 GHz Driver DFN 7×6.5
A5G35S004NT6 3.5 GHz Driver DFN 4.5×4


Typical Lineup

A typical lineup for 2.6GHz is the A5G26S008N with 19dB of gain, driving the A5G26H110N for a 15 Watt average output power. This provides a cost-effective lineup for a 32T32R Massive MIMO 5G antenna.


Samples and Evaluation Boards

Samples of the 5G Discrete Massive MIMO transistors are available now from RFMW’s sample program for both 32T32R and 64T64R antenna designs. Reference circuit evaluation boards are also available to order for the following frequency bands:

Orderable Board Part # Antenna Frequency Band
A5G26H110N-2496 32T32R 2496-2690 GHz
A5G35S008N-3400 32T32R 3400-3600 GHz
A5G35H110N-3400 32T32R 3499-3600 GHz
A5G38H120N-3700 32T32R 2515-2675 GHz
A3G26D055N-2600 64T64R 2515-2675 GHz
A5G35S004N-3400 64T64R 3400-4300 GHz
A5G38H045N-3700 64T64R 3700-3980 GHz


Please contact your local RFMW field sales engineer or contact us here for further information.

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