RFMW Expert Product Pick: Ampleon’s C4H10P600A

1. What made you select the Ampleon C4H10P600A as a product to feature?

With the diversification of frequency bands opening up a broader spectrum for wireless infrastructure, the C4H10P600A is a new GaN asymmetric Doherty transistor that targets sub-1GHz Macro Cells as a high-performing alternative to LDMOS transistors.

2. What are the key features and specifications of the C4H10P600A?

It uses GaN technology to deliver high efficiency, gain and power across a broad bandwidth. This is provided in a compact, 10x20mm, OMP780 plastic package.

3. What are the common markets and applications of Ampleon’s C4H10P600A?

As an asymmetric Doherty, the C4H10P600A is used in 4G/5G infrastructure applications. It can be used between 700 to 1000MHz for high-power 60 to 80W Macro networks, which are typically deployed in suburban and rural locations.

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