RFMW Introduces Differential IF Attenuator from Skyworks Solutions

SKY12408 Differential IF AttenuatorRFMW , Ltd. announces design and sales support for Skyworks SKY12408-321LF differential IF attenuator. This GaAs pHEMT, two-bit attenuator I/C offers two states, a through path insertion loss of 0.3dB, or 6dB of attenuation. In a differential system, the Skyworks SKY12408-321LF attenuator presents a 100 Ω impedance, but can be used as two single-ended attenuators, each with a 50 Ω impedance.

The SKY12408-321LF operates from 50MHz to 600MHz and is provided in a 3×3 mm 12-pin QFN package particularly suited for 100 Ω differential systems for which high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss, and low intermodulation products are required.

A 12dB version of this attenuator is available as the SKY12407-321LF with a pin compatible footprint.

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