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Telemakus USB Controlled Attenuator TEA4000-7RFMW, Ltd. provides access to a video overview of the Telemakus, LLC series of USB Controlled Digital Attenuators. Using the TEA4000-7 as an example, the video steps through the functionality of the device by using its built-in GUI. The TEA4000-7 is a laboratory-quality, 7-bit Digital Attenuator with 31.75dB range in 0.25dB steps. The attenuator is fully terminated at all ports with a return loss better than 20dB from 50MHz to 4GHz. The Telemakus TEA4000-7 is among the smallest USB controlled microwave attenuators available on the market. An SMA male connector at port 1 and female connector at port 2 allow for easy interconnection with other Telemakus products or DUTs. The DC/control connector is USB type A, allowing direct connection to a PC or via a USB extender cable. 0.5GB of flash memory contains all the installation files, data sheet and test results. The Window’sbased user interface allows simple control of the attenuator including a ramp function. All Telemakus products can be used with common ATE software. With Telemakus Signal Generators, Vector Modulators, Power Meters, Step Attenuators and Switches, it’s possible to construct complex ATE stations including multi-tone testing and “virtual” scalar analyzers.

The video demonstration of the TEA4000-7 is available on Youtube.

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