RFMW offers 8GHz Absorptive SP4T from Peregrine

10MHz to 8GHz Absorptive SP4T from Peregrine - PE42441 RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Peregrine Semiconductors’ 10MHz to 8GHz SP4T switch. The PE42441 combines low insertion loss of 1dB with high isolation of 39dB (measured at 6GHz). Internal 50 ohm terminations give this absorptive switch a P0.1dB compression point of 31dB, a significant competitive advantage for target applications in wireless infrastructure and wireless connectivity. Peregrine’s PE42441 high isolation characteristics reduce the need for additional components and the Peregrine UltraCMOS process eliminates the need for DC blocking capacitors thereby reducing overall BOM costs. Available in a 5x5mm QFN, the PE42441 uses 1.8 or 3V control voltages and runs off a 3V supply.

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