High Power RF Circuit Protection with Monitoring function

RFCI Iso-attenuator provides 100W CW reverse power into the on-board, 30dB attenuator.RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for the RF Circulator Isolator, Inc (RFCI) model RFSL2338-A30 Iso-Attenuator. RFCI Iso-Attenuators combine protection for active components from distortion or potentially damaging reflected power with a convenient, attenuated port for monitoring RF power or providing a feedback loop. The RFSL2338-A30 handles up to 1000W peak/200W average forward power.  The on-board, 30dB attenuator is capable of handling 100W CW power reflected into port 2. Covering the frequency range of 920 to 1215MHz, the RFCI RFSL2338-A30 provides >20dB typical port-to-port isolation while typical insertion loss is <0.4dB. Packaged for drop-in applications, this RFCI Iso-Attenuator measures only 25.4×31.8x9mm, saving board space over individual isolator/directional coupler designs.

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