RFMW Offers 75 Ohm Glitch-less DSA

Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE4314, 75 ohm, 6-bit, 0.5dB LSB DSA spans 1 to 2500MHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE4314, a 75 ohm Digital Step Attenuator (DSA) spanning a frequency range of 1 to 2500MHz. The PE4314 offers 6-bit resolution with 0.5dB steps providing 31.5dB attenuation range. Its low distortion characteristics and 75 ohm circuit optimization make it ideal for CATV and multi-carrier applications. And, this DSA features Peregrine’s Glitch-less technology reducing attenuation state transitions to <0.5dB thereby reducing software overhead and cost.  Supporting parallel and serial programming interfaces, the PE4314 allows flexible programming within AGC loops and operating from a 3.3V supply requiring only 130uA of current. So, this DSA helps reduce power consumption compared to similar competitive parts. The 20-lead, 4x4mm QFN package is pin-compatible with existing Peregrine DSAs.

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