RFMW supports Cloverleaf Omni Antennas for Unmanned Vehicles

Southwest Antennas' 1032-021 and 1032-022 Turbo Cloverleaf CP omni antennas with 1.2 dBi gain from 1.98 - 2.2 GHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Southwest Antennas’ “cloverleaf” configuration of omni antennas. Dubbed ‘Turbo Cloverleaf’, these antennas are 3x smaller than existing solutions yet maintain similar antenna gain, efficiency and excellent radiation pattern control over the entire operational frequency band. Model 1032-021 is a right hand circular polarized (RHCP) Omni cloverleaf antenna with 1.98 – 2.2 GHz frequency band coverage and 1.2 dBi gain. Model 1032-022 is a left hand circular polarized (LHCP) antenna. Both models from Southwest Antennas offer 40 dB of isolation between two co-located antennas with opposite CP polarizations, which is a significant improvement over two co-located vertical or opposite slant polarized antennas. The small size, rugged design, and high performance characteristics make the Turbo Cloverleaf ideal for military, law enforcement, unmanned vehicle, and commercial wireless applications. Both the 1032-021 and 1032-022 feature a three inch flexible coaxial gooseneck with SMA male connectors, allowing for a wide range of position and mounting options. Waterproof housings make the antennas suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any climate.

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