5W Small Cell MMIC Amplifier from RFMW offers Doherty Performance

Ampleon BLM8D1822S 50PB 5W Small Cell MMIC Amplifier spans 1805 to 2170MHzRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a dual section, 2-stage, fully integrated Doherty MMIC amplifier solution. Ampleon’s BLM8D1822S-50PB offers 5 watts of RF power with 37% efficiency drawing 104mA from a 28V supply.  Spanning the frequency range of 1805 to 2170MHz, the BLM8D1822S-50PB supports small cell implementations with the carrier and peaking device, input splitter and output combiner integrated in a single package. Gain is up to 26.5dB. Also available in a gull wing package as the BLM8D1822S-50PBG.

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