Unique Cable offers Flexibility to 40 GHz

RFMW announces design and sales support for RF cable assemblies capable of small radius bends near the connectors. The P1CA-29M29M-ST085-12 cable assembly is part of P1dB’s Tight-Flex™ cable assembly series. With a minimum bend radius of 0.2 inch, the cable allows bends at the connector end eliminating the need for a right-angle connectors in some applications. The P1CA-29M29M-ST085-12 measures 12 inches with 2.92 mm Male connectors on each end. The ST085 Tight-Flex cable is triple shielded coax with 0.104 inch (2.6 mm) diameter. Operating to 40 GHz with a maximum VSWR of 1.35:1, maximum insertion loss at 40 GHz is 1.75 dB. RF shielding is greater than 110 dB while the velocity of propagation is 70 %. Tight-Flex™ cable assemblies are a flexible version of RG405 semi-rigid and 085 conformable coax cables that meet RG405 dimensional and electrical specifications. Tight-Flex™ cables offer triple shield construction for superior RF shielding and RF stability during tight bends versus other 085 flex cables.

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