Low Phase Noise mmWave Synthesizer

RFMW announces design and sales support for a wide frequency range, ultra-low output phase noise synthesizer from Renesas. The 8V97003 spans 171.875 MHz to 18 GHz with output phase noise of -60.6 dBc at 20 kHz to 100 MHz at 6 GHz while providing high output power over its entire frequency range. The wide frequency range enables designers to use a single 8V97003 in place of multiple synthesizer modules thereby reducing both footprint and cost. Programmable output power settings deliver single-ended output power up to +13 dBm at 6 GHz, up to +10 dBm at 12 GHz, and up to +4 dBm at 18 GHz, eliminating the need for external drivers and further reducing complexity and overall power consumption without compromising performance. Applications include local oscillators (LO) for mmWave beamforming and precision reference clocks for high-speed data converter in test and measurement, optical networking, and data acquisition.

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