SMT Transistor offers 2000 Watts Pulsed RF

RFMW announces design and sales support for a high-power transistor from Ampleon. The ART2K0PEG LDMOS power transistor provides 2000 W of pulsed RF energy for ISM applications in the HF to 400 MHz frequency band. Offering 28.5 dB of gain and drain efficiency of 73%, this transistor supports plasma generators, MRI systems, CO2 lasers and particle accelerators. High breakdown voltage enables class E operation up to 50 volts VDS while the ART2K0PEG is qualified up to a maximum VDS of 65 V. The device is characterized from 30 to 65 volts. Integrated dual-sided ESD protection enables class C operation and complete switch off of the transistor. This “gull-wing”, SMT transistor is capable of withstanding load mismatches corresponding to a VSWR of 65:1. Additional uses are found in radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters as well as HF communications and Radar systems in the Aerospace industry.

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