SiTime ClkSoC™ Consolidates Clock ICs and Oscillators


SiTime’s Cascade family of MEMS clock ICs for 5G, wireline telecom and datacenter infrastructure


RFMW announces design and sales support of SiTime’s Cascade™ family of MEMS clock ICs for 5G, wireline telecom and datacenter infrastructure. The SiT9514x, clock-system-on-a-chip (ClkSoC™) family, consists of Jitter Cleaners / Networking Synchronizers and Clock Generators that deliver multiple clock signals in a system using SiTime’s third-generation MEMS resonators to deliver higher performance with lower power. Communications and enterprise electronics have previously used clock ICs with external quartz references to integrate multiple timing functions and to distribute clock signals. SiTime’s new, all-silicon clock architecture integrates a MEMS resonator reference inside the package. More importantly, with SiTime’s proven MEMS technology, the Cascade clock-system-on-a-chip delivers up to 10 times higher reliability and resilience, enabling the 5G vision of zero downtime. Either standalone or together with SiTime’s MEMS TCXOs and OCXOs, the SiT9514x delivers a complete timing solution for applications such as 5G RRUs, small cells, edge computers, switches, and routers.

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