Dual Path Active Antenna System FEM

The Renesas F0453B integrated, dual-path RF front-end supports Active Antenna System (AAS) receivers from 3300MHz to 4000MHz

RRFMW announces design and sales support for an integrated dual-path RF front-end. Each path of the Renesas F0453B consists of an RF switch and two gain stages with 6 dB of gain control supporting analog front-end receivers in Active Antenna System (AAS) from 3300MHz to 4000MHz. The F0453B provides 34.5 dB gain with +23 dBm OIP3, +15 dBm output P1dB, and 1.35 dB noise figure at 3500 MHz. Gain is reduced 6 dB in a single step with a maximum settling time of 31 ns. The device uses a single 3.3 V supply and 130 mA of IDD. The F0453B is offered in a 5 x 5 x 0.8 mm, 32-LGA package with 50Ω input and output impedance for ease of integration into the signal path. Typical applications include Multi-mode & Multi-carrier receivers, 4.5G (LTE Advanced) and 5G band 42 & 43.

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