RFMW offers Family of Low Noise Receive Modules

Skyworks hi-linearity VGA family covers 700-2600MHz with low NFRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a series of highly-linear, variable gain amplifiers (VGA) with noise figures <1dB. This new VGA family serves LTE and WCDMA infrastructure receiver chains ranging from 700MHz to 2600MHz as follows: SKY65369-11 (832–862 MHz), SKY65370-11 (814–849 MHz), SKY65371-11 (880–915 MHz), SKY65372-11 (699–748 MHz), SKY65373-11 (1710–1785 MHz), SKY65374-11 (1850–1915 MHz), SKY65375-11 (1920–1980 MHz), SKY65376-11 (2500–2570 MHz). All devices contain a low noise input amplifier, gain stage, voltage controlled attenuator and an output stage. The devices are internally matched to 50 ohms at their input and output ports. Incorporating 4 stages of the receive chain in one package reduces board space and this single device can be easily integrated into the design. The internal active bias circuitry ensures repeatable performance over temperature. The Skyworks family of VGAs is offered in an 8x8mm, SMT multi-chip module.

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