5G Tool Kit Simplifies mmWave Testing


Designed for 5G mmWave testing applications, Rosenberger North America test accessory kits offer 2.4 or 1.85 mm options


RFMW announces design and sales support for test accessory kits from Rosenberger North America. Designed for mmWave 5G testing applications, two kits offer adapter and cable assembly options along with a calibrated torque wrench. The set is supplied in a sturdy, wooden box to organize and protect the contents. The 5GKT-09-000 kit contains 2.4 mm components for system testing to 50 GHz while the 5GKT-08-000 kit contains 1.85 mm components for system testing to 70 GHz. Ideal for laboratory or field use, both kits can be upgraded to add low loss, phase stable cable assemblies, terminations and attenuators.

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